Getting T. Roell's X11R4 to work! (long)

Bret Orsburn bret at codonics.COM
Sat Jun 30 09:55:22 AEST 1990

In article <632 at> poirot at (Daniel Poirot) writes:
>Howdy folks,
>I have been trying to get Thomas Roell's recently published X11R4
>patches to work under Bell Technologies SysVR3.2u.  I have the Lachman
>TCP/IP package that I would like to use to get network clients

I'm running ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 with Lachman TCP.

As far as I can tell, Roell's code does not support TCP transport. He has
built a nice STREAMS pipes mechanism for local connections, but his changes
seem to make it more difficult than before to bring up TLI STREAMS TCP.
(This used to be possible with a few header changes, -DSTREAMSCONN, and by
 running the att-nameserver code).

(Anybody have any better luck with this?)

I finally bit the bullet and hacked the osx layer to use the 386/ix socket
emulation library. (Sorry, I backed up to pre-Roell osx source, so no local
streams connections.) Now I can run remote clients, but not local. :-(

The connection is very bursty: large cat's to xterm and ico's run a couple
seconds, then pause a couple seconds, then run a couple seconds. Anybody
know offhand where the bottleneck is?

I found that shared libs were a bad idea *in the server*. They introduce
a lot of problems (gdb single-stepping breaks) and save almost nothing
(Xlib is linked to get about four functions).

BTW: If you are failing in InitOutput, make sure you have read permissions
on /dev/console. Be aware that a lot of this code continues after (fatal)
errors. Watch the console messages. Some of them are fatal error messages.

Also -- get gdb. I got version 3.5 and it came up very easily. Max out
your MAXUMEM kernel parameter or you will get (v)fork errors when debugging
the server.

bret at
Bret Orsburn

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