Xenix to Dos cross-development

Bill Mahoney bill at zycor.uucp
Wed Jun 6 00:02:58 AEST 1990

In article <1990May24.072813.8466 at robobar.co.uk> steve at robobar.co.uk (Steve Bleazard) writes:
>In article <77 at rsoft.bc.ca> frank at rsoft.bc.ca (Frank I. Reiter) writes:
>>I am looking for help from anyone who has used SCO's Xenix->Dos cross
>>development facilites.

>  1) extract all the modules from the third party library using the DOS lib
>     command.
>  2) recombine the modules using ar(C) under SCO Xenix
>  3) ranlib the new library
>  I haven't tried this procedure so it may be wrong in detail (I don't have a
>  MSC manual to hand so I'm not sure about the module extraction)

Yes, this works fine, I have done it with three or four libraries that
I did not have source for. The compiler's .o files will link in with the
new library w/o problems.

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