Interlan NP600 and 386/ix

Dan Rich drich at dialogic.uucp
Fri Jun 1 06:23:25 AEST 1990

Is anyone using the Interlan NP600 with Interactive's 386/ix?  I have
run into problems installing several pieces of software, and was
wondering if anyone else has had any luck.  I can get the software to
compile, but it doesn't run properly.

I have managed to get nntp and GNU Emacs (with network support) to
run.  So far, I have had no luck with System V versions of finger,
talk, lpr, and Smail 3.1.  Now, I can live without talk and finger,
but I really need lpr and smail (I need to get rid of ISC's sendmail).

I am reasonably sure that it isn't the software, since I can compile
the with host based TCP/IP and a 3Com 3C503 network card.  I am
assuming that I am missing a header file somewhere, or that there is a
problem with the library.

If anyone has experience with this, please let me know.  Even if you
are also having problems, maybe between us we can work them out
(after all, two heads are supposed to be better than one :-)

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