how to compile emacs 18.55 on Interactive UNIX with X11

Eric Gisin eric at
Wed Jun 6 10:29:04 AEST 1990

I just compiled GNU emacs with X window support on 386/ix.
There where a few problems so I'm posting the changes I made.
The select emulation in sysdep.c does not work with the X library,
but the select in libinet.a does work.


Here are the changes necessary to compile GNU emacs version 18.55
under Interactive System V.3.2 (release 2.0.1) with Interactive's X11.
We have Interactive's X11 developer's kit and I
compiled with their headers and linked with their non-shared libraries.
The shared library -lX11_s that comes with plain X11 may also work.

You must have already have installed the necessary changes
to get GNU emacs to compile under Interactive without X11.
These are posted to comp.unix.i386 every few months.

config.h should have the following defines for Interactive V.3.2:
#if 1				/* 386/IX with hbtcp */
#define	HAVE_PTYS
#define	SYSV_PTYS
#define	USG5_3_2
#define	LIBS_SYSTEM	-linet

config.h should have the proper defines for X11:
#define	X11
#define	HAVE_X_MENU

There where three other changes required:
- in /usr/include/sys/types.h enclose everything with:
#ifndef	_sys_types_h
#define	_sys_types_h
... original sys/types.h
I know changing the system header files is *bad* but it seems to the only way.
- in x11term.c change #ifdef IRIS_4D to #if 1.
- in src/ymakefile add another LIBS_SYSTEM after $(LIBX) to the define of LIBES.

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