Did you know SCO ODT is SINGLE USER ONLY??

Erik Fortune erik at westworld.esd.sgi.com
Thu Jun 14 08:30:24 AEST 1990

SCO ODT comes in two-user and (I believe) unlimited user versions.  The
two user version is a lot less expensive.   I have the two user version
which means I can have as many console logins as I have virtual screens
and a single tty line enabled.

I thought this licensing scheme was pretty common -- I've seen ads for
386/ix that list both 2-user and unlimited user prices.

Why is this such a problem unless you're planning to run a bboard
or set up a department machine? 

-- Erik
   (erik at sgi.com)

Disclaimer:  My employer has nothing to do with any of this.  All of this
   is from memory, so any errors are my fault.

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