interface/graphics development environments for 386/RS6000

Paul Gillingwater paul at
Fri Jun 15 17:16:05 AEST 1990

In article <835 at> cearl at (Charles Earl) writes:
Try XVT, from XVT software in Boulder, Colorado.  It's a virtual toolkit
with heaps of features, that runs on a wide range of UNIX and other
platforms.  I think there is a Macintosh version too, and even one
for DOS!  It's far more than just a set of Motif widgets, although
it's compatible with them.  

>	(1) Facillitate construction of window-based applications. This also
>	    implies support of important window env features like buttons,
>	    icons, etc.

Yep, does all this I think.

>	(2) Support development of fast, attractive animation -- that is,
>	    we would want fairly rich graphics libraries/packages.

Don't know -- this might be a weak area.

>	(3) Allow development of multimedia applications, especially those 
>	    which would incorporate video.

Don't know.

>	(4) Have a foreign function facility (e.g. would allow calls to Pascal,
>	    C, etc.).

Yes, I think so.

>	(5) Provide support of object - oriented programming (this is not 
>	    essential ).

There's a library for C++ use.

Hope this helps.  No, I don't have the address here (I'm at home).
Paul Gillingwater, paul at

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