BENCHMARKS (Byte's) 368 vs 486 comp.

Michael Grenier mike at cimcor.MN.ORG
Mon Mar 12 08:22:09 AEST 1990

>From article <1025 at fiver.UUCP>, by palowoda at fiver.UUCP (Bob Palowoda):
>   You are right. Here are the revised numbers.
>   Once again 25Mhz 386, pcc.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Without reg
> Dhrystones/sec:               5400             5400            141.14

The dhrystones numbers here don't seem right either. There must be
a lot of waits states on the memory or something. Even my lowly 20 Mhz
386 without memory interleaving hits 6200 dhrystones (without 
registers) and my brother's 25Mhz 386 with 8 Meg of ram allowing for
interleaving regularly hits 10,000 dhrystones.

Still the numbers that were posted for the 486 are impressive.

     -Mike Grenier
     mike at

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