Need information on VP/IX or DosMerge ability

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Thu Mar 29 19:15:36 AEST 1990

You should seriously look at SCO Open Desktop which uses 
a modified version of Merge386 (although I don't know exactly
how it's modified). ODT (Open DeskTop) allows DOS applications
running under Merge386 to directly access (and configure) specified
devices (i.e. card slots). I've used VP/ix alot and do not
particularly like it because it is very fragile and fussy about
*anything* out of the ordinary. Merge386 handles comm ports, disk
drives, and other devices much more transparently and elegantly.

It's also very robust (I run MS-Windows under it!).

It has already been mentioned that Merge386 has one less that
optimum area of performance - that with comm port speed. Using
any of the serial ports under Merge means baud =< 1200 with
no exceptions. Still, it's manageable, and I know of NO other
DOS emulator which comes remotely close to SCO's Merge with
regards to reliability and transparency.

The only single drawback to Open Desktop is that it is new,
and (although fairly reliable) still has some kinks. More
specifically, the run time package is fairly solid, but the
development system is still beta (if you can even get it) so
compiling software is somewhat of an adventure.

Still, this is a *great* product and surely will have a 
bright future.

(no, I don't work for SCO...nor do I have any hidden vested
interests - just a happy customer).

Check it out!

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