386 based UNIX & 16mbps Token Ring/Novell???

Terry Hull terry at eecea.eece.ksu.edu
Wed Mar 7 07:41:58 AEST 1990

eddjp at althea.UUCP (Dewey Paciaffi) writes:

>I agree that there could be a resonable market for such a driver. I'm in
>an IBM Mainframe/Novell Token-Ring environment. I provide an Oracle 
>development environment to my department with a Xenix 386 box. I know for
>a fact that the 386 could run rings around anything on the LAN as a server
>for communications, database, files, etc., 

I only have one question.  How can you possibly know that a XENIX box
could run rings around "anything on the lan?"  Novell Netware '286 has
is a pretty fair Network OS, and Netware 386 is VERY fast.  How do you 
know XENIX would be faster?  Netware is certainly faster than any
UNIX based DOS file system that I am familiar with, those being AT&Ts DOS
services and Banyon's Vines. 

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