DVI Driver for 24-pin

John Campbell jdc at naucse.UUCP
Tue Mar 20 02:32:49 AEST 1990

>From article <4382 at cvl.umd.edu>, by liuqing at cvl.umd.edu (Larry Liuqing Huang):
> Does any one out here has a DVI driver for EPSON 24-pin
> (Actually, PANASONIC emulation) printers on Unix Sys V?
> Thanks a lot.
> liuqing at cvl.umd.edu

In fact, I'd like to have a larger discussion by anyone willing
to explain some things.  I too have a 24-pin printer--actually a
NEC P5200 and I wonder about what font files I should try to use
even if I ever find or build a dvi driver.  The dots on this printer
are 360 dpi, but the pins are .2mm circles which gives about 20%
overlap last time I did the calculations.

Do I want 240 dpi fonts?  300 or even 360?  Do I even want to be in
the highest resolution mode or do I want to drop back to 180 dpi and
use 180 dpi fonts?  

Those who have experience and are willing to share information--especially
general information about resolution, etc.--please step forward!


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