386 based UNIX & 16mbps Token Ring/Novell???

Dewey Paciaffi eddjp at althea.UUCP
Thu Mar 1 01:34:09 AEST 1990

In article <6725 at turnkey.TCC.COM> jackv at turnkey.TCC.COM writes:
-In article <22446 at abcom.ATT.COM> brr at abcom.ATT.COM (Rao) writes:
-As far as I know the only 386 based Unix that comes with token-ring support
-out of the box is AIX/PS2. Of course the unfortunate consequence of this is
-that you must have PS/2's to get that support. In fact, given the growing
-popularity of token-ring (particularly the 16Megabit version) I would think
-there could be a reasonable market for third party device drivers. Anyone
-out there interested??
I agree that there could be a resonable market for such a driver. I'm in
an IBM Mainframe/Novell Token-Ring environment. I provide an Oracle 
development environment to my department with a Xenix 386 box. I know for
a fact that the 386 could run rings around anything on the LAN as a server
for communications, database, files, etc., and that I could have several
installations going around the corporation, IF I HAD A TOKEN RING DRIVER

I can't sell Xenix, UNIX or any other *IX that won't run Token-Ring, and it
looks now like AIX might get the nod, much to my dismay. There must be
mountains of Novell file servers that could be replaced by Xenix Boxes IF

Thank You

Dewey Paciaffi
eddjp at althea.UUCP

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