Info req. for Seagate ST296N SCSI Drive

$anjay [+] $ingh - Indy Studz ssingh at
Tue Mar 27 08:12:08 AEST 1990

I have a Seagate ST296N SCSI drive, along with the ST02 adapter. (When
you power-up, it say "SCSI Host Adapter 2.00") What I want to know
is if ANYONE is successfully running some form of Unix with this

What determines a drives compatibility with Unix?

Other info: Seagate technical support said it's recording method was RLL,
but it was a SCSI drive. Supposedly the ST02 is made by Western Digital
for Seagate.

One more question, if you are using this drive, but not the ST02 adapter,
what adapter are you using?

The rest of the system is your standard 386sx box with vga under dos 3.3.

Please help me out with any info. I'd rather not call Seagate technical
support back and wait for another half an hour.

Thanks for reading.

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