sendmail 5.61 port problem

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.TCC.COM
Sun Mar 25 09:59:03 AEST 1990

I have been porting the 5.61 release of sendmail to ISC 2.0.2 and have
it mostly working. I also have the patches from uunet to the source that
lets sendmail do pathalias type lookup's itself, thus eliminating the need
for smail altogether (no I don't want to hear about smail 3.x since its
been in beta since I don't know when :-}). Anyway, I have one real odd
problem and I was hoping someone from Interactive who had done the 5.51
work would have an immediate solution. The problem is that the frozen 
configuration file that it writes seems bad. What I mean is that when
sendmail starts it does a stab to find the local and prog mailers and
the stab fails. It is not a problem with stab itself since I put in some
debugging and when it starts up with the non-frozen file it successfully
does the stab both with the ST_ENTER constant and then finds it again
using ST_FIND. I am quite baffled, since about all that remains is the
write of the BSS out to a file and the error detection code seems fine.

Can someone at ISC enlighten me, or anyone else for that matter who might
have some insight on this problem? Of course it runs without the frozen
file (that's how it is working at the moment) but I've gotta solve this

Disclaimer: Naturally, I speak for myself not LCC

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