VP/ix Over Multiplexors?

Danny danny at itm.uucp
Thu Mar 29 23:18:33 AEST 1990


    Will anyone hazard a guess as to why VP/ix would work with a 
Wyse 60 connected directly to it, but refuse to work when connected
through a multiplexor?

    We have tried it though an old Paradyne (460/461) and through
a brand-new Memotec, and both fail.  The usual scenario is: fire up
VP/ix, type two chars, and it wedges.  SIGKILL is the only weapon
we've found to work....

    Mylex 80386 33 MHz
    Math Co-processor
    2 16 line Computone serial (I know, I know!)
    8 Meg RAM
    2 600 Meg CDC ESDI Disks
    Western Digital controller
    EGA monitor
    Interactive Unix System V.3.2/386 (2.0.2)
                                                Much Thanks,
				Daniel S. Cox

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