TeX on a hp deskJet?

Russ Taylor rtaylor at batcomputer.tn.cornell.edu
Mon Mar 12 07:29:16 AEST 1990

Please respond to cchase at ee.cornell.edu

I have recently been converted from troff, to TeX (well, actually LaTeX)
for my writing at school.  I'd love to be able to take this newly found
expertise home and use it on my i386 box, but I can't afford a postscript
laser printer on what they pay me here (ah, to be employed again, sigh.)

I've seen some really nice output from those HP deskjet (I hope that's 
the right name) printers.  Certainly nice enough for the stuff I'd be
interested in doing.  Problem is, I've never seen a filter that can 
convert dvi files to the hp.  Has anybody run across such a thing?

Not to turn this into a religious debate, but what do you'all use for
text formatting?  troff or one of it's many incarnations?  TeX?
And how do you print it?  What's good?

Craig Chase
cchase at ee.cornell.edu

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