Xterm character translation

James R. Howard jrh at mustang.dell.com
Fri Mar 23 08:07:38 AEST 1990

In article <290 at hitachi.uucp>, jon at hitachi.uucp (Jon Ryshpan) writes:
> Has anyone succeeded in getting (user) Key Translations to work on
> xterm under Interactive 386/ix X-Windows Version 1.1?  I've typed in
> the example on p15 of the xterm man page, namely:
>  [ rest deleted ]

Yes, try the following:

! Xterm 
xterm*ttyModes:		erase ^h
xterm*scrollBar:	true
xterm*termName:		vt100
! make the keypad F1-F4 work like vt100 PF1-PF4
xterm*VT100.Translations: #override <Key>F1: string("OP") \n \
	<Key>F2: string("OQ") \n \
	<Key>F3: string("OR") \n \
     	<Key>F4: string("OS") \n \
	<Key>F5: string("OT") \n \
	<Key>F6: string("OU") \n \
	<Key>F7: string("OV") \n \
	<Key>F8: string("OW") \n \
	<Key>F9: string("OX") \n \
	<Key>F10: string("OY") \n

! The ^[ should must be a real escape, not just ^ followed by [

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