386/ix 2.0.2 + PS/80 + WD8003ET/A = ?

Petri Kutvonen kutvonen at cs.Helsinki.FI
Sat Mar 3 00:41:17 AEST 1990

In article <4286 at hydra.Helsinki.FI> I wrote:
>We have been trying to install 386/ix (2.0.2) TCP/IP on a PS/2 80-311
>with a Western Digital WD8003ET/A controller.  Unsuccesfully, so far.
>Is there something special we should know about?  ...

The real problem was that our boards were not of the older Micro Channel
type WD8003ET/A but the newer version WD8003E/A.  Evidently 386/ix
doesn't work with this board (no panic, the driver just hangs). 

So we swapped this WD8003E/A with a WD8003ET/A and now TCP/IP is running

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