Changing the prompt in C shell

The Engineer greg at ncelvax.UUCP
Fri Mar 16 10:06:21 AEST 1990

I am currently building a 386 box with SCO UNIX and I want to
make the C Shell interface as similar to our VAX with BSD 4.3 to
save on user retraining.

My only real problem so far is in the prompt.

On our VAX we use a line like;

	set prompt="$cwd:t > "

to set the prompt to the current working directory ie: in my
home directory

	greg >

All the documentation from SCO on the C Shell that refers to
the prompt implies that it should do things like that, but the
only example they give is

	set prompt=\!%\

which sets the prompt to the current event but they give no
other options or examples.  

Does anybody have any suggestions or pointers to 3rd party
literature to help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


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