Testing Different Unix/386 Platforms

Shawn McDonald mechsfm at tness7.UUCP
Thu Mar 1 05:00:46 AEST 1990

	We are currently in the process of testing several different 
Unix/386 platforms.  We are evaluating SCO Unix/386, Intel Unix 
System V/386, ESIX/386, and Interactive 386/ix.  We are evaluating 
these packages on ease of installation, ease of administration, source 
and binary compatibility, and overall performance.

	What we are looking for are any benchmark programs that are available 
to test these different platforms.  We would like the programs to be
public, mostly non-hardware dependent, and accurate.  Is there any 
available programs out there that do what we are looking for?

Also, any comments concerning the above mentioned OS would be appreciated.

" _______ is useless because _______ "


" _______ is the best because _______ "

Please email any comments you might have.  Thanks for any help you can 
give me.  If there is enough response, I will summarize at a latter date.

Shawn McDonald					mechsfm at tness7

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