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In article <552 at bbt.UUCP> djb at bbt.UUCP (beauvais) writes:
 > In article <641 at mead.UUCP> vincet at mead.UUCP (Vince Tan) writes:
 > >Does any one know why there are no man pages for all ISC 2.0.2 packages
 > >except text processing workbench? 
 > How much disk space do you say you have?

How do you print the man pages without nroff/troff?  (That's a joke, I know
they are distributed pre-formated).  There was a long discussion on this
topic several months (a year?) ago.  I believe someone in authority let us
know that AT&T charged extra, so Interactive et al. saved you some money by
not including them with the software.  This may also explain why you have to
pay extra to get the printed man pages in the ``System V/386 Release 3.2 System
Administrator's Reference Manual.''

Interactive has stated on the net that man pages will be available in some
future release.

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