Word processors under 386 unix(es)?

ilan343 at violet.berkeley.edu ilan343 at violet.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 27 08:00:13 AEST 1990

In article <3560 at thebes.Thalatta.COM> campbell at Thalatta.COM (Bill Campbell) writes:
>I personally do all my stuff in xroff, but many of my clients prefer to
>use WYSIWYG word processors.  It also requires little retraining since
>everyone seems to know WordPerfect (MessyDos users anyway).
In the latest issue of Unix Today, there is an annoucement of Version
5.0 of WordPerfect (with graphics, page preview) for 386ixes.
They support graphic terminals (not just the console) by downloading
soft characters with the appropriate bitmaps.
Has anyone seen this yet?  Are other  PC-to-Unix ports using similar

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