New group comp.unix.sco

Tom Neff tneff at bfmny0.UU.NET
Wed Mar 28 16:02:12 AEST 1990

Dick Dunn is exactly right, regardless of his employer.  We do not need
a separate SCO products newsgroup.  There are a number of classic
reasons for collecting articles in a newsgroup, but "because XYZ is the
vendor" is not a good one.  If SCO wants to start a support mailing list
they can and should.  In the meantime, topics should be grouped by
functionality, not nameplate.  Yes, crossposting is sometimes necessary
and appropriate.  That's what it was invented for!  It happens all the
time with all kinds of vendors' products.  SCO is nothing special.

Keep in mind that Interactive sells other things too, as do many other
vendors.  If comp.unix.interactive were proposed, I would vote against
that too, and I would expect to see Dick Dunn's vote next to my own.
(Unless the vote counter did an alpha sort :-) )

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