gcc on SCO UNIX System V/386

George Shackelford shackelf at ics.uci.edu
Fri Mar 30 04:53:14 AEST 1990

I have gotten gcc up and running on my SCO system, but I had to borrow a
binary version of it from someone who had built it on a 386 hypercube(!)
that is running systemV (AT&T's version, I think).

Taking "-g" out from the compilation is not enough. The next thing you run
into is the fact that the MicroSoft  compiler chokes on the huge macros
used in the gcc build. I started to hand convert the macros (a painful
process) when my friend came up with the binary of it first. I then used
that to build my own version of gcc.

Basically, the settings are att386-sysv. That seems to do the job. You
may find it necessary to build the gnulib and gnulib2 math libraries using
the MS compiler though.

If necessary, I could try sending a binary to get you started.

-George Shackelford  shackelf at ics.uci.edu

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