heretical SCO Open Desktop question

Dion Johnson dionj at netcom.UUCP
Thu Mar 8 15:39:29 AEST 1990

In article <1014 at fiver.UUCP> palowoda at fiver.UUCP (Bob Palowoda) writes:
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>> There is a private newsgroup available to Open Desktop developers.  You
>  Now think about this sentence Dion. It just dosn't sound right. 
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<snicker> ... well.. um.. yes.  OK, "There is a _special_ newsgroup 
available to Open Desktop developers."    Thank you, Bob.

Kidding aside, SCO would like to have a public newsgroup for Open Desktop,
but it would be unseemly for us to call for creation of same, right?
Perhaps someone will step up to this task.  

The present newsgroup is cloaked in nondisclosure agreements, so we
cannot reveal it, but now that the product is shipping, and the dev sys
is shipping in "early availability" form, it makes sense to have
a public newsgroup.  SCO will take an active, but not dominant role,
if the net community seems to desire it.  As usual, comments welcome.

Dion L Johnson
SCO Developer Relations
dionj at (by day)

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