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Sat Mar 10 02:27:19 AEST 1990

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Kaleb again

>> In the past I have posted favorable reports about the functionality and
>> reliability of ESIX.
>I tried calling them to ask about running the system on a 386SX with a
>WD1006-SR2 controller card. (A 1:1 RLL card) They refused to say the system

In the recent past, I also posted an article to this effect.  Although the
folks at ESIX categorically deny that ESIX will run on any RLL controller,
the docs explicitly state that ESIX *does* run on an RLL controller.  I too
have a Taiwan 386SX with the WD1006-SR2 and will be happy to re-iterate that
ESIX *does* work fine with the WD RLL controller.  I have been using this
combination for over three months now.

As to why the people at ESIX don't know that it works with RLL, I can't say.
I too called and asked before I bought, and was told that ESIX wanted to
concentrate on the emerging technology and were leapfrogging from MFM, over
RLL, to ESDI.  I guess it's just another case of marketing not really knowing
or understanding both the product and the market.

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