Xenix filesystems

Ang Cheng Chai ang at latcs1.oz.au
Thu Mar 29 21:32:00 AEST 1990

Hi there,
    I 've got a query regd mounting a XENIX filesystem under Sco-UNIX 3.2.
I've got a filesystem on a separate partition created from my XENIX
partition, which I mount onto my Unix partition.
(It's got to do with my backups which is on a Colorado Jumbo which as
some of u might be aware, drivers for them under ScoUnix do not exist)
The thing is that after I mount the partition (mount -f XENIX /dev/u1 /u1),
the entry under filesystem type displayed in the divvy table is S51K
and not XENIX. Why is this??? Files in this partition seem stable enough
as long as I keep booting up under Unix... but Xenix complains
and when a fsck is done, Unix can no longer be booted up....
(Alright, so it happened once, but I'm not too game to repeat
it again seeing that it takes me several hours to  reinstall
Unix again.....(I've installed it 3 times at last count)
Anyway, the configuration is a 4Mb 386-25 MHz, with a 105 ESDI
drive + a memory cache.

Thanks for the bandwith..
if this is a silly question, then this is not me, only someone
who looks like me....

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