dvi2nec, preview (and dvi2ps) for xenix and unix

Paul de Bra wsinpdb at lso.win.tue.nl
Thu Mar 22 18:38:11 AEST 1990

As I got many requests for a dvi2nec driver (for Nec P5, P6, P7, P9
and others) I put my dvi tools in the file dvitools.tar.Z in the pub
directory on tuewsd.lso.win.tue.nl ( where you can get it
by anonymous ftp.

3 drivers are in that archive:
dvi2ps, dvi2nec and preview.

dvi2ps is a hacked version for Xenix-286. users of 32-bit machines
can use standard dvi2ps drivers and don't need this.

dvi2nec is a driver for the Nec printers. Also works with Xenix-286 as
well as any Unix. (Xenix-386 users may need to undef M_XENIX as I used
that to ifdef things for the 286)

preview is a previewer for Xenix with EGA or Unix (sVr3.2) with
either EGA, VGA or VDC600 (800x600x16).


(debra at research.att.com)

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