COHERENT -- cheap *nix clone from Mark Williams CO

Brad Templeton brad at
Sat Mar 24 08:51:45 AEST 1990

Coherent is actually a very old product (in software terms) from aound 1982.

It was primarily written by a good group of people, some of whom went on
to form MKS (the makers of the toolkit).  In fact, writing the MKS toolkit
was similar work to writing Coherent, at least when it came to making all the

I don't know how much it has progressed since then, but the old Coherent
would remind you a lot of V7.  Small and capable of running on small
machines.  If you liked V7 you'll like it.  If you're used to the
mega-unix systems of today with GNU Emacs and 4.3BSD, you won't like it.
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