Alex Huppenthal root at netdev.Comsys.COM
Wed Mar 14 02:57:47 AEST 1990

 Warning - Warning ------ HACK METHOD APPROACHING -------

Discovery note:

  SCO XENIX 2.3.2 GT  
  Adaptec AHA-1540-A SCSI Controller
  Archive 2150s Tape drive

  [ Disclaimer: I don't personally reccommend this, but it does work here. ]

The Problem:

  How can I add to the end of tar archives ? tar cv, tar cv works, but
  tape rewind, tape rfm, tar cv - does not!

  1. Change the /etc/default/tar file to archive=/dev/nrct0
  2. Change the /etc/default/tape file to /dev/nrct0
  3. tar cv file1
  4. tar cv file2 
  5. tape rewind
  6. tape rfm    - moves you to the end of file one
  7. tape rfm    - moves you to the end of file two
  8. tape rfm    - this is not a failure, it's a *feature* :-)
                   it will complain, not able to do rfm on /dev/nrct0,
                   at this point ( which makes sense )
  9. tar cv file3  
  10. tape rewind 
  11. tape rfm
  12. tape rfm
  13. tape rfm   - now you are positioned at the end of the second file.
  14. tar tvf ( or xvf )  /dev/rct0  ( can you beleive this? I can't )
  15. THIS WORKS.....          ^^^^--- notice *rct0* not nrct0, - ask SCO why!

I am amazed that we've stumbled on this combination of elements to 
force this to work properly. The technique is bloody awful, but the
results to us - are worth it. We now can make use of tape space.

 I hope you folks at SCO are watching, given that a way exists now
( albeit crude, and ruthless ), to add to tape archives with this configuration.

Now, don't you think a more graceful, and elegant approach should be available
on YOUR XENIX or UNIX product?

Good luck,


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