Lachman TCP/IP on System V/386 has rsh, after all.

Peter da Silva peter at
Sat Mar 10 19:46:39 AEST 1990

Thanks for all the help, folks. As I sort of suspected, they called it
something else to avoid conflicting with the (totally useless) restricted
shell. Unfortunately, while I was looking up "remsh" and "rshl" in the
manual and bin, I totally missed "rcmd".

One thing I noted: as installed, rexecd on the Lachman TCP/IP doesn't come up
with a very complete environment. You have to edit the rc script to set HZ.
About the only thing missing from the nifty System V inittab scheme is the
ability to easily set global environment variables for all one's daemons. Not
that I'd want to go back to a random /etc/rc file again.
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