386 based UNIX & 16mbps Token Ring/Novell???

Todd Ogasawara todd at uhccux.uhcc.hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 2 16:59:25 AEST 1990

In article <25eb4c0b-3c2.2comp.unix.i386-1 at point.UUCP> wek at point.UUCP (Bill Kuykendall) writes:
]>> I'd like to hear from anyone who has any experience with connecting a 386
]>> based UNIX box to a Novell token-ring network.... Thanks..todd
]The only 386 unix that I'm aware of that runs TCP/IP over token ring is 
]IBM's AIX.  I do have unix and Novell on the same Ethernet with no
]problems.  I also have 3Com 3+Open, 3+Share, Banyan and AppleShare running
]on the same wire, for what it's worth.

After a lot of searching and telephone calls, I'm pretty much resigned to
having to go the Ethernet bridge route... Thank goodness Ethernet cards are
so reasonably priced these days...

If someone out there has another suggestion, I'd still like to hear it

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