heretical SCO Open Desktop question

Dion L. Johnson dionj at sco.COM
Mon Mar 5 12:53:13 AEST 1990

In article <29300002 at hprmokg.HP.COM> blw at hprmokg.HP.COM (Bob Weisickle) writes:
>I am running the SCO UNIX system V/386 package. I this seems
>like a lame question, but how would I get a copy of the X11 package
>and development kit for this system.  Also, is a bulletin board
>available for finding applications that would run or could be
>ported to this system.

It's not heresy, Bob.  :-)  Software developers and OEMs can get the
SCO Xsight development system direct from SCO right now in what we
call an "early availability" product.  If you want the complete Open Desktop
development package, that is available also.

There is a private newsgroup available to Open Desktop developers.  You
get access to it when you have the dev sys.  As the system begins to
be widely used, I think we will see more of the *.sources packages
checked out on Open Desktop, and available at the usual archive sites.
SCO ships Open Desktop with several diskettes of well-known
X applications; we will add more as time goes by. 

I trust you know that XENIX applications just work on SCO UNIX,
and there are quite a few of those available at the archive sites also. 

If you'd like details about all this, pls email your US Mail
address to devrel at

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