Strange X Windows VT behaviour

Jonathan Meyer jonm at
Wed Mar 7 06:32:27 AEST 1990

Two questions:

I have an ATI VGA WONDER with 512K of ram, and a NEC 3D monitor.

I run 386/ix version 2.0.2, plus X Windows v1.1

When I start the X server, in 800x600 mode, and then switch to another
VT (eg. the console), I just get a mess - like someone has unplugged the
V-Sync wire. Switching back to the X window screen and things clear up.

This doesn't happen when I switch modes in DOS. Nor does it happen in
normal VGA modes.

1) Does anyone else have this combination, with similar probs?
2) Can anyone suggest a fix? Is it the software, the server,


My X Server only allows about 7 connections, though I haven't isolated
whether this is a limit on number of connections or size of processes.
Additionally, I can only open a font with one client - two xfd's with the
same font doesn't work. Am I confused, or is this because of file locking of
some sort?Neither of these occur on Suns running X11R3. Is there a resource
setting that I can increase? I have checked streams resources, and there
seem to be enough of these. I have an 8mb 25mhz 386. I am not running
any other applications, and I am the only person using the machine.

All advice appreciated.


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