Problem with Interactive Unix and 3Com

Randy Davis rjd at
Sat Mar 3 07:27:39 AEST 1990

In article <288 at hitachi.uucp> jon at hitachi.UUCP (Jon Ryshpan) writes:
|We can't run Interactive Unix 3.2 Version 2.0.2 with a 3com Etherlink-2
|board.  When you start the system with networking enabled (ie. telinit 3)
|and insert the ethernet connector, the system locks up.  It echos
|characters but won't do anything else.  A 3com card works fine in a
|Compaq on the same net.  A Western Digital card works fine in the
|problem box.
|Our 3com rep thinks that the problem may be the bios on the system.
|It's an Intec (Schwab) clone with the A(merican) M(egatrends) I(nc) bios
|(version unknown).

   Looks like it might be your system.  The system I am typing this on is
a Dell model 310 running Dell UNIX 1.1 which is closely based on ISC's UNIX
3.2.1.   I have a 3com etherlink-II card in it - in fact this typing is
actually being done on another system ( that I access through
the ethernet via this card and rlogin (or telnet, depending on my mood :-).
It works fine for me.

  Sounds like it is something on your system....

Randy Davis						UUCP:!rjd

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