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Mon Mar 19 17:00:30 AEST 1990

HI! -- I am running 386ix 2.0.2 with the X11R3 stuff from interactive , I am
posting this here because it is spoecific to 386ix as opposed to X11..

Running the VRAM Vga card by Video Seven , I want to set X up so that it can
use the 800x600x16 mode.

There is a option in the Xconfig file that list this modem for the VEGA
VIDEO SEVEN card , but it takes the system down when I try it -- is anyone
actually using this ????

In addition , I am having a few problems when I try and compile some of the
stuff from comp.sources.x .... Most center around my lack of "Imake" , and
the fact that the "Xos.h" file doesnt seem to match 386ix as it callses for
a file called /usr/include/bsdtypes.h and the BSD style time stuff.

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