Recomendations for 1024x748 non-interlaced VGA card & monitor?

Harris Boldt Edelman mixstate at stb.uucp
Wed Mar 21 17:58:50 AEST 1990

In article <632 at inebriae.UUCP> bill at ssbn.WLK.COM (Bill Kennedy) writes:

[referring to a Sony 1304 monitor]

>I've got one and I like it.  Buy a PS/2 cable for the 9 pin (monitor) to
>15 pin (VGA) conversion, ~$20 unless you shop carefully.

If "shop carefully" means you get the vendor to throw in the cable gratis,
beware that you may well get an aftermarket cable that lacks RF filtering
chokes.  This is a Bad Idea.  The unintended RF emissions that will result
are not to be dismissed lightly.  You may not care, and that's fine so long
as you don't protest when I then call you a sociopath.  :-)

Unfortunately, the cable Sony makes, which per a small drawing on the 1304
brochure seems to incorporate chokes at each of its ends, would appear to be
virtually unobtainable if my experience in Los Angeles last November were any
indication.  I wish you luck, or at least the ability capably to "roll your
own" adequately-filtered cable.

My just-completed concerted search failed to turn up my copy of the brochure,
so I can't relate the cable's Sony model number in this posting; I assure you,
this irks me more than it irks you.


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