Problems with formatting floppy under System V/386

Rich Patterson rp at osc.COM
Wed Mar 7 06:11:34 AEST 1990

	I've had some problems formatting floppy disks(1.2M) under System V/386.
If I format a disk using format and then try to cpio I get a write failure.
If the disk was formatted under DOS then I can read/write the disk with
no problems.  I have no problem reading or writing archives from floppies that
have been previously formatted (like an old set of distribution diskettes) or
those formatted under DOS.  I've also written a program to format the disks
using the ioctl (vtoc) interface and I get the same results.
	Have I missed something here ??  The diskettes I'm using are from
Kodak.  Has anyone experienced similar problems with any other blank
unformatted diskettes ???

Thanks in advance,
rp at

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