Looking for VGA graphics routines for 386/ix

A. Lester Buck buck at siswat.UUCP
Wed Mar 7 16:39:19 AEST 1990

In article <LARRY.90Mar5134630 at focsys.uucp>, larry at focsys.uucp (Larry Williamson) writes:
< We know how to put a VGA into graphics mode with little effort. What
< we would like to avoid is writing all those nice little graphics
< routines that do things like:
<     draw points
<     draw lines
<     draw boxes
<     draw circles
<     get/set colour values
<     text display (in graphics mode)
<     read current display contents
<     etc, etc, etc....
< Has anyone tackled this?
< -Larry

Get the following excellent book and/or companion diskette:

Programmer's Guide to PC & PS/2 Video Systems
Richard Wilton
Microsoft Press
ISBN 1-55615-103-9

The above routines and more is included.

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