Need help installing cnews/rn on new public system

John E. Gefaell jeg7e at watt.acc.Virginia.EDU
Fri Mar 9 04:18:01 AEST 1990

Help! I've run a DOS based BBS for 5 years, but shut it down and put in
ESIX SVR3.2. I've got UUCP running no problem and am polling my mail feed
hourly. I've got a seperate machine for my news feed, and it's ready to
go. I've just picked up cnews and rn from uunet. BUT, I've got no idea
how to go about installing it. There are questions in rn's  configure
program that I don't know how to answer (and the defaults didn't work)
and when I extract the cnews tar it makes a bunch of directories but
fails to extract the files. HELP, I am a real quick learner, and if someone
could call me voice at (804)979-9317 ANY TIME AT ALL (CALL COLLECT!) I'd
be extremely grateful. It won't take too much of your time I promise, I 
just need to get going in the right direction here. THANKS!

I'm posting this from the machine at work, btw.

Call NOW, Operators are standing by!

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