SCSI Tape on 386ix

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In article <391 at sdgsun.UUCP> paul at sdgsun.UUCP (Paul Emerson) writes:
>Thanks to all who responded on my backup configuration question.
>OK, so now I have an Archive Viper 2150s and an Adaptec 1542 controller.
>For my hard disk I am using a WD1007-WA2 with two 170MB drives.  So I
>am only using the 1542 for the tape.  I have disable the floppy port on the 
>1542, and have all the jumpers at the default.  Trying to configure the 
>kernel for this arrangement drove me nuts, but I did get it to build.  
>I selected the HPDD option and selected  
>Regular ESDI primary controller. (IRQ 14) 
>No secondary.
>SCSI controller, with tape.     (IRQ 11)
>The manuals, say that "aha1540, " must be included in mdevices.  
>The current line in mdevices is: 
>aha1540 -       iHo             aha_    0       0       0       2       -1
>I also added the entries for tape_init() in gendev/space.c and tape/space.c
>The kernel builds. But no nodes in /dev.  According to the tape(7) man
>page, the devices should be /dev/ct and /dev/nrct.  It goes on to explain
>the the minor numbering scheme.  So I did a "makenod ct 41 3". But this
>doesn't work.  Looking at /etc/conf/tmp/conf.c  is see that "tape" is 
>device major 28 (mdevices says 41), while aha1540 is 63 
>(which I had to kludge just to make the kernel build included it's 
>driver code).  If I let kconfig do it aha1540 and dsk conflict on 0. 

Here is part of Interactive systems documentation about cionfiguring
tape. The easiest way to configure tape into kernel is use 
"Configute High Performange disk driver" selection from kconfig
utility. It does everything that you need exept /dev nodes.
You can do these following way.

Software Configuration

        1.  Use kconfig(8) to configure the kernel to support the
            SCSI controller and tape drive.

        2.  Rebuild and install the kernel with kconfig.

        3.  Create tape device files as follows:

            If the scsi controller is the primary controller
            enter the following commands:

                mknod /dev/ntape c 41 0
                mknod /dev/tape  c 41 8

            If the scsi controller is the secondary controller
            enter the following commands:

                mknod /dev/ntape c 41 64
                mknod /dev/tape  c 41 72


        A)  Using /dev/tape causes the tape to rewind when the
        file is closed; /dev/ntape does not rewind the tape on

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