Floating point libary...

Hans Schouten hans at tnoibbc.UUCP
Mon Mar 26 16:06:27 AEST 1990

Floating Point Code.

I'am developing standalone (embedded ) software for 386SX hadware
using he SCO UNIX V/386 Development System. Because the hardware
has a battery power supply I cannot use a 387. Therefor floating
point calculations have to be done in software. With the "-M f"
option of the "cc" command floating point calculations are
generated by a subroutine call instead of floating point
instructions for the 287 coprocessor. Who can help me with
assembler source which give me the right routines for these
calls?(_fmuls,_fdiv, _fadd etc ).

Please send directly mail to me.
Hans Schouten : TNO - IBBC                   USENET   : hans at tnoibbc
              : PO-box 49                    DOMAIN   : hans at ibbc.tno.nl
              : 2600 AA  Delft               FAX      : +31 15 843990
              : the Netherlands              VOICE    : +31 15 842028

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