Frequently asked questions

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Tue Mar 27 12:45:42 AEST 1990

Way back when (sometime in February) I foolishly said:

> Ok.  I'll bit the bullet.  I volunteer myself as the initial keeper of the
> frequently asked questions for the comp.unix.i386 group.  How about
> suggestions for questions and/or answers to include.

Since then, several people have sent me mail saying that they were amazed
at the amount of free time I must have.  I have come to agree with them
wholeheartedly.  However, we do need the list and I can probably put aside
a little time to be the keeper of the list.  

together a list of questions both I and other comp.unix.i386 readers feel
are asked pretty frequently.  If you have some additions, answers that you
think I don't know about or other such nonsense, send me EMAIL.  The outcome
of this posting will become the monthly frequently asked questions for
this newsgroup.  Thanks.

So far the following questions have been selected:

	 1. What is this group for?
	 2. Which Unix should I buy for a 386?
	 3. Is there a BSD port for the 386 available anywhere?
	 4. What hardware works with what Unix and what X windows?
	 5. How do I rewind or retension a cartridge tape?
	 6. How do I get a second serial port working?
	 7. How do I get fast serial line throughput with stock asynch ports?
	 8. Is there a port of X11 R3/4 available for whatever?
	 9. What are good intelligent multi-port serial card solutions?
	10. Where do I get troff from?
	11. Why doesn't vi work on large files?
	12. How do I increase my ulimit?
	13. How do you set up a port for both dial-in and dial-out access?
	14. List of frequent changes made to code inported from net to get
	    it to work correctly on 386/ix/ESIX/SCO Unix, etc.
	15. How do I setup a global environment variable that even gets set
	    in the /etc/rc*/* scripts.
	16. How do I get more than 8 virtual terminals to work on the console?
	17. Why do I get the error "ps: unlink() error" every once in a while?

Do you have any to add? 

I will be posting a first pass on the above stuff early next month so I
would like any suggestions for additions asap.  Thanks.
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