Xterm character translation

Jon Ryshpan jon at hitachi.uucp
Fri Mar 23 05:25:10 AEST 1990

Has anyone succeeded in getting (user) Key Translations to work on
xterm under Interactive 386/ix X-Windows Version 1.1?  I've typed in
the example on p15 of the xterm man page, namely:

	*VT100.Translations: #override <Key>F13: keymap(dbx)
	*VT100.dbxKeymap.translations: \
	  <Key>F14: keymap(None) \n\
	  <Key>F17: string("NEXT") string(0x0d) \n\
	  <Key>F18: string("STEP") string(0x0d) \n\
	  <Key>F19: string("CONTINUE") string(0x0d) \n\
	  <Key>F20: string("PRINT") insert-selection(PRIMARY, CUT_BUFFER0)

with some variations like "VT100" -> "xterm", "F11" -> "F1", etc.
Nothing seems to have any effect.  I don't understand the format: what
is "#override" for? why do the lines end with "\n"?

If you've made anything like this work, please reply by email to:

Jonathan Ryshpan		<...!uunet!hitachi!jon>

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Hitachi America Ltd.
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