Comments sought for ESIX V vs. SCO Unix/Xenix V.

$anjay "lock-on" $ingh - Indy Studies ssingh at
Wed Mar 14 05:16:33 AEST 1990

Hello. I am new to the UNIX scene and I am looking for a good PC implementation
of UNIX. I have narrrowed it down to two choices, shown in the subject

1. Are there other UNIX packages out there I should be looking at?

2. What criteria should I be using in selecting the system of choice
for me.

I intend to be writing simulations in C, possible development work, and
I would like to be able to have DOS running as a separate process such
as what kernal extensions like V/Pix offer.

3. What experiences, (good and bad) have you had with the company you
bought unix from?

4. How good is the technical support?

Thank you.

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