Wei Jen Yeh yeh at cs.purdue.EDU
Fri Mar 9 17:38:08 AEST 1990

  Hello, there.
  I need to upgrade my system for larger disk space.  Any suggestion is
  The system is a 386 w/ 4mb.  It currently has a miniscribe 3085 (70mb) and 
a seagate st251-1 (40mb), and runs un*x of course.  I would like to keep the
3085 if possible.  I have basically decided to go with scsi drives.
The CDC 94161-182 (155mb) scsi drive that LaVerne Olney mentioned seems to be
a good deal.  Now come my questions...
  o What is the best way to upgrade?
  o Has anyone had good/bad experiences on this particular or any other model?
  o Is it possible to use combinations of MFM/ESDI/SCSI types of controllers?
  o Which scsi controller would you recommend?
  o Is it necessary that the bios has a correct drive type for the disk (scsi)?
  o How about dos (argh) support? any driver required?

Again, any suggestion is appreciated.

Wei Jen Yeh

yeh at cs.purdue.edu
Department of Computer Science,
Purdue University,
West Lafayette, Indiana

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