Altos 2086 -- is TCP/IP and Ethernet available?

Ti Kan ti at altos86.Altos.COM
Tue Dec 4 13:24:37 AEST 1990

In article <1990Nov30.083145.19301 at> paul at (Paul Gillingwater) writes:
>Is there an Ethernet card available for the Altos 2086?  If so, can
>anyone also supply TCP/IP and ARPA, and maybe even NFS?
>FYI, this runs Altos Xenix.
>Paul Gillingwater, paul at

You'll need to upgrade the system to become an Altos 386 Series 2000
and upgrade the operating system to the Altos System V run-time system.
With this combination, there is full ethernet support with the
ACPA board (combines multidrop of up to 64 RS232 serial ports and

With the ACPA board on a 2000, you can run Altos TCP/IP, RFS, and
DOS Server (ISO/OSI) communications packages.  The Altos XENIX
WorkNet LAN product over a high speed serial port is also supported
on the 2000 with Altos System V.

An upgrade from a Altos 2086 to a 2000 is a surprisingly simple
operation -- simply a CPU board change.  You can choose from either
the 16MHz or 20MHz version of the CPU board.  The rest of the system
(file processor and controller boards, memory, communication cards)
need not be replaced.

Altos System V run-time system for the 2000 is based on AT&T UNIX
System V.3.1, but is also backward compatible with Altos XENIX in most
areas.  Many if not most of your applications for the 2086 will
likely work without recompilation (286 XENIX X.OUT binaries as well
as 386 COFF binaries are supported).

So, if you have the budget to upgrade your hardware and the operating
system, there is a solution to your problem.  Call your Altos
representative for information.

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