Need help with two Xenix Problems

Mark Edwards mce at
Mon Dec 10 15:32:15 AEST 1990

In article <19 at omen.UUCP> caf at omen.UUCP (Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX) writes:
#In article <12181 at> smm at (Stephen Milton) writes:
#-First problem:
#-  So far the only comm utility that I can get  to work on my Xenix/286 machine
#-is cu.  But how do you use sz or rz (zmodem) commands from within cu?  I've
#-tried many different methods, but none seem to work.  
#Rz and sz are not written to be used from within cu.  Professional-YAM is
#designed for dial-out applications.

	I used rz and sz very successfully under C-Kermit for a few months.
The technique requires that you use kermit in "command" mode.  Go online to
the modem, and dial your connection.  To download, type "sz filename", then
escape back to kermit.  Run "rz </dev/ttyXX >/dev/ttyXX" as a subshell.
The technique is similar for uploading.  I did this until I could afford to
by Pro-YAM from Chuck. The Pro-YAM product is a much better way to go.  I use
it daily.  So do most of my office mates.  It is definitely $$ well spent.

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