Xenix VGA screen support

Ed Hew edhew at xenitec.on.ca
Sun Dec 30 06:37:10 AEST 1990

In article <GERARD.90Dec27115559 at custard.think.com> gerard at custard.think.com (Gerard Louise) writes:
>	I am running Xenix 286 ver 2.1.3 on a 286/10 MHZ , 2MB base memory
>Using a Monochrome terminal such as Hercules, everything is fine.  I recently
>purchased a Pararadise VGA card and a Multisync NEC monitor.  Now everytime
>I want to boot the Xenix partition, it goes as far as: 
>                                                      XENIX SYSTEM V
>					              hd(40)Xenix
>						      .............
>then the computer tries to reboot  all over gain. I tried to reinstall
>same problem.  When I reinstall the Monochrome adapter, everything is fine !!
>I called SCO and all they could suggest was to purchase a newer version of
>Xenix.  I would appreciate any suggestion
>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
>Gerard Louise
>gerard at think.com

It's not recognizing the VGA adapter.

I believe SCO is correct in that you require an upgrade.
While it's been a few years since I've run 2.1.3, I strongly
doubt that you have support for the Paradise VGA card (methinks
that it didn't exist when 2.1.3 was released, circa 1986).  You
might be advised to check yr 2.1.3 release notes to confirm this.

You might get away with an Update "A" (if this is still available),
but it really makes more sense simply to install an update "R"
and then load (with custom) SLS XNX155 to go to 2.3.3 (current for

Note that you will have to backup and restore yr local files as
Update "R" only provides an "intelligent upgrade" from 2.2.3,
which would entail more steps and expense than you really want
to subject yourself to given the alternative.

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