Xenix VGA screen support

Gerard Louise gerard at custard.think.com
Fri Dec 28 03:55:59 AEST 1990

	I am running Xenix 286 ver 2.1.3 on a 286/10 MHZ , 2MB base memory
Using a Monochrome terminal such as Hercules, everything is fine.  I recently
purchased a Pararadise VGA card and a Multisync NEC monitor.  Now everytime
I want to boot the Xenix partition, it goes as far as: 
                                                      XENIX SYSTEM V
then the computer tries to reboot  all over gain. I tried to reinstall
same problem.  When I reinstall the Monochrome adapter, everything is fine !!
I called SCO and all they could suggest was to purchase a newer version of
Xenix.  I would appreciate any suggestion
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Gerard Louise
gerard at think.com
617 234-4046

 Gerard Louise                           Product Support Engineer
<gerard at think.com>                  Thinking Machines Corporation
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