remove comp.unix.xenix.misc? (Informal)

Dave Armbrust dma at
Fri Dec 14 13:23:55 AEST 1990

In article <27770 at> yarvin-norman at (Norman Yarvin) writes:
>dma at (Dave Armbrust) writes:
>>BTW, I still consider myself new to news.groups even after six
>>months of reading this group!
>>Once the guidelines are exstablished for removal of groups I
>>will issue a call to remove comp.unix.xenix.misc unless I hear
>>from at least 25 people that want this group.
>Dave Armbrust indeed hasn't caught the drift of news.groups too well.
>Nobody is going to establish guidelines (other than perhaps simple
>mechanical ones) for removing newsgroups; they will just argue about it.

(Or complex, involved, computerized ones:-))

I hope you are wrong.  If we can agree (that may be the catch) I hope
we do get the mechanic into the guidelines.

>His posting illustrates one good reason why -- to avoid revenge politics,
>which would be orders of magnitude worse than newsgroup creation politics.

I am not interested in any 'revenge politics'.  I only posted the above
to see if there are any proponents left for the comp.unix.xenix.misc
group.  If there is a call to remove this groups it should not be
made by me.  Some people may think I am pro-SCO and accuse me of a
communistic plot to remove any group that does not have sco in it's name! :-)

BTW, I have yet to received any mail from people that want this group.

[ Note I did not cross post to comp.unix.xenix.misc and this may explain
  why I have not received any mail.  (I will cross post this article.) ]

If there is anyone out there that would like to keep this group I would
be interested in hearing from you.  dma at or just respond
to this postings.

The reason I said that I think comp.unix.xenix.misc should be removed
is that there is very little posting here and what there is seems
to be misdirected.  The charter for this group states:

   comp.unix.xenix.misc   General discussion regarding XENIX (except SCO)

Discussions regarding SCO Xenix should be directed to:

   comp.unix.xenix.sco    Xenix versions from the Santa Cruz Operation.

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